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Right of return
Purchased goods can be returned in the original packaging within 14 calendar days. 
The shipping costs of returning the goods are at the expense of the customer. You can also bring the goods to our warehouse thus avoiding the shipping costs.

In case of return, please follow the below mentioned procedure.
Prior to sending back the article, you should send us an email at info@celcultuur.eu which mentions the following:
* reason of the return
* number of the order confirmation or invoice
* stating whether you want an article swap or a reimbursement
* in case you want a reimbursement, please mention your bank account details
* in case you want to swap the purchased article, please mention the wanted article

Procedure article swap 
You will receive an email:
* mentioning the new product delivery term
* the amount we will reimburse in case the new article is cheaper than the old one, or the amount still to be received in case the new article is more expensive than the initially purchased article
When swapping an article that was sent port free, shipping costs will be added for the delivery of the new product. In case you swap an article for a new article with the same sales price (e.g. other size or volume), please add the shipping cost to your package when returing the goods (Belgium 7,5 euro The Netherlands 15 euro).
The new article will be sent as soon as it is on stock, in case of a more expensive article the addition money should be received on our bank account and we should have received the initially bought article.

Procedure reimbursement
The reimbursement should take place within a maximum of 14 days after receipt of the goods in it's intial packaging. The amount will be wired on your bank account or given in cash when you return the article to our warehouse. The amount to be reimbursed will be decrease by the transaction costs for credit card payment and/or the shipping costs.

Our coordinates (copy of the order confirmation and/or invoice to be sent along with the goods)

Vinkestraat 23
B-8554 Sint-Denijs

In case you would have additional questions, you can also contact us by email or by phone during business hours (9h - 12h and 13h - 17h) on the following number +